quality health care across the miles...

Rural and frontier residents of Montana and Wyoming face many challenges when accessing specialty medical services. EMTN utilizes telecommunication technologies to transmit real-time video, audio and medical images. Patients can remain in their communities and see specialists from Montana and across the nation.

On a regular basis, EMTN provides telemedicine services in the specialty areas of cardiology, neurology, diabetes education, surgical follow-up, ENT, and infectious disease. Other clinical services include registered dietician services, employee assistance counseling and geriatric assessment services. Billings Clinic specialty services are available for consultation upon request. In addition, Billings Clinic Emergency Department is available for consultative services 24 hours a day.

EMTN provides its members access to specialty medical services when they're needed. One can live in Baker, Montana, or Lovell, Wyoming, and have equal access. Telemedicine broadens the range of services offered in the local community. Expanded health care choices improve patient satisfaction with local care.

Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network
Billings Clinic - 2800 10th Avenue North - Billings, MT 59101
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