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We've entered an information age, one that requires an intense competition for business. This means that you depend on up-to-date timely communication with your staff and customers. Interactive videoconferencing can save your company dollars by cutting travel costs and increasing efficient use of work time. Telebusiness offered by the Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network gives your business the opportunity to use two-way interactive video conferencing technology. Whether your business is a large corporation or a growing small business, you can host meetings, train staff, talk to your corporate office or service your customers at a fraction of the usual time and expense.

Meetings can be held throughout Montana and most major cities in the United States.

With Telebusiness meetings you can:

  • Interact live with multiple users from two or more different locations
  • Present slides, overheads, computer files, photos or pre-recorded videotape. It's easy to learn and use.
  • Customize the meeting to fit your company needs.
  • Record the entire meeting on videotape for later use.

For rate information and scheduling call the Network office: (406) 657-4870.

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